What Do You Know About Chlamydia?

Test your knowledge of chlamydia by taking this quiz.

Gender words are used here to talk about anatomy and health risk. Please use this information in a way that works best for you and your provider as you talk about your care.

1. In the U.S., chlamydia occurs more often than any other sexually transmitted infection (STI). Who can be infected with chlamydia?
2. The STI chlamydia is caused by bacteria that are passed on through intimate physical contact. What's the most common way of passing it on?
3. There are few, if any, symptoms during the infection's early stages. If symptoms do show up, what are they likely to be?
4. Chlamydia is called the silent disease because it often goes undetected. What portion of infected men and women have symptoms of chlamydia?
5. If untreated, this disease can cause serious problems. What problems can it cause in women?
6. Of every 20 sexually active adolescent girls and young women ages 14 to 24, how many are likely to be infected with chlamydia?
7. What symptoms do men have?
8. Chlamydia increases the risk of which of these other diseases in women?
9. A single dose of the antibiotic azithromycin will treat chlamydia. So can a one-week treatment with doxycycline. What should infected people do to prevent the spread of the illness?
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