Preparing the Toddler for Surgery

What part about surgery is most stressful for a toddler?

Toddlers can benefit from preoperative planning, education, and explanations. This should take place 1 or 2 days before surgery since doing it too far in advance can cause more anxiety. Recognizing what is stressful to your toddler while in the hospital can guide you in preparing them for the surgical experience. Common stressors and fears in the hospital may include the following:

  • Being left alone

  • Having to stay in a strange bed or room

  • Loss of comforts of home, family, and possessions

  • Being in contact with unfamiliar people

  • Painful procedures

  • Medical equipment that looks and sounds scary

  • Feeling helpless

How do I get my toddler ready for surgery?

These suggestions will help you prepare:

  • Read books to your toddler about going to the hospital.

  • Interactive play with dolls and stuffed animals can help your child be more secure in the hospital environment. The child life department in your hospital can provide this service directly or provide guidance to parents preparing their children at home.

  • Give very simple explanations, and be careful of the words you use. For example, say, "The healthcare provider is going to fix your arm." Don't say, "The healthcare provider is going to make a cut on your arm."

  • Let your child decide which security item they want to bring to the hospital. Include a favorite book and soothing music.

  • Stay with your child during hospitalization. Your touch and voice will comfort them more than anything else. Let the nurses know about your child's usual schedule and their likes and dislikes.

  • Be patient with your child. It's normal for toddlers to cry and be fussy during this stressful time. Your child may be very clingy and become hard to comfort. It's not unusual for your child to regress and have angry outbursts and tantrums. Give a lot of love, and let your child know that you will be nearby. Try not to leave the hospital if possible. If you must leave, let them know and that you will return as soon as you can.

  • Remember, too, to take care of yourself. Simplify your life during this time, and don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends. Remaining positive and calm can help reduce your toddler's anxiety.

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